So many times in our busy life we tend to ignore the obvious.  When the daily drudge of life causes us to keep our heads down and our minds far away from reality we seem to look right past our own front yards and things that need attention.

When you are selling your property you always want to make a great first impression and there is no better place to start than right up front.  When agents and prospective buyers arrive at your home their eyes are wide open and they are seeing EVERYTHING!  A little attention to the details will always pay you back in a great way.  Keeping the grass trimmed and edged, flowerbeds tended and fresh and if you have kids... look for abandoned bikes and toys.  This may show a family house full of life but for the moment lets focus on making things look inviting.  Adding color to your flower beds shows pride in ownership and will build confidence as to the condition of the interior as well.  If you have peeling paint... FIX IT!  It isn't an expensive venture when you consider the benefit.  I recomend that you use colored mulch and large flower pots in your front garden,  It will give it height and structure and it will limit some to the horrible task of weeding.  Keep your trees pruned up so that your home will be more visible too.

In the coming weeks we will discuss other important task such as the backyard and the garage.

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