A few days ago I shared some personal thoughts on how important "curb appeal" can be when your selling your property.

I reiterate again that the front yard it where the FIRST impression is made when a prospective buyer comes to your house. But let's not forget how very important the rest of your outside living areas can me.  Most homeowners use their back yards as a place to kick back and relax on summer evenings and the weekends.  We make major investments in our backyards for things like pools, spas and play equipment for the kids.  These can me major additions to the charm of the property provided that they are kept up and in good working order.  Keeping the grass trimmed and looking good is also a major plus.  Bald spots in your lawn denote either excessive use or neglect.  Most home inprovement store have the tools and materials needed to work on those "bald" spots and keep the yard looking full and healthy.  If you have chain link fencing you already know how it and your week whacker hate each other so try something like RoundUp or other treatments to keep those pesky weed away from it.  Again, flowers, shrubs and planters will add so much color and character to your yard and make it look inviting and desireable.  Remember that a good weekend spent maintaining and improving your yard is as good as or even better than a trip to the gym plus you will have some immediate positive results from your labors as well with the improved appearance. You might find that your want to spend even more time out there enjoying the view and as you gaze upon your ourside world you might even come up with more projects to improve your own little oasis.

Coming up soon we will discuss the "Man's" world of the garage.

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